Belief Survey

The intent of this series of questions is to allow friends, co-workers, church seekers/members, or anyone else to get a better understanding of a person’s view of the basic teachings of the Bible. This survey address theological issues in a generic question and answer format. The goal of this survey is to help clarify what it means when someone says “I am a Christian”.

About the Bible

  1. How often do you read the Bible?
  2. How many books are in the Old Testament?
  3. How many books are in the New Testament?
  4. Which three languages were used to write the original manuscripts of the Bible?
  5. Was the text of the Bible in the original languages inspired by God (God breathed)?
  6. Was the text of the Bible in the original languages infallible (with out fault)?
  7. Was the text of the Bible in the original languages inherent (without contradiction)?
  8. Is there only one authorized translation of the Bible from the original manuscripts?
  9. Do you think of the Bible as fiction, figurative stories, as history, or a combination of all three?
  10. Is the Bible complete or are new things being added?
  11. Does God tell people new things or does He illuminate what has already been revealed in the Bible?
  12. Is the Bible the final source of authority of what you believe and how you live your life?

About God

  1. Is there more than one God?
  2. Did God have a beginning?
  3. Does God have a body?
  4. Is God omniscient (Know everything)?
  5. Is God omnipotent (More powerful than everything)?
  6. Is God omnipresent (Everywhere at the same time)?
  7. Does God change?
  8. Can God be surprised?
  9. Is Jesus God?
  10. Was Jesus created?
  11. Is the Holy Spirit an It or a Who?
  12. Is the Holy Spirit God?

About Salvation

  1. Have you sinned before?
  2. Were you born a sinner?
  3. Were you born innocent until you committed a sin?
  4. Were you born completed ruined/conquered by sin or were you born with a spark of goodness down deep?
  5. Can your good out weigh your bad?
  6. Can we initiate our salvation or does God act first?
  7. Does God look into the future to see who will be saved or did He plan who would be saved before the foundation of the world?
  8. Did Jesus pay the price for the sins of all the people that will ever live or only for those that would be saved?
  9. Will everyone that ever lived be saved?
  10. Can a person completely and totally reject the offer of salvation if God is convicting them?
  11. Can a person that is truly saved lose their salvation?
  12. How does someone go to heaven?
  13. Why does someone go to hell?
  14. Have you asked God to forgive you of your sins and save you?
  15. If so what are we saved from?
  16. Were people before Jesus lived on earth saved solely by keeping the law?
  17. Are we saved now by keeping the Ten Commandments?
  18. Are the Ten Commandments important now?

About Baptism

  1. Should infants be baptized or only people that profess faith in Jesus Christ?
  2. Is baptism required for salvation?
  3. In whose name should people be baptized?
  4. What mode of baptism do you think is correct? (sprinkling=drops of water on the head, partial immersion=water dumped on the head, full immersion=water completely covering the body, other)?
  5. Have you been baptized before? If so when? What was the temperature of the water?

About the Lords Supper

  1. Should the Lord’s Supper be administered at every church service?
  2. Should non-members be allowed to participate in the Lords Supper?
  3. Should non-Christians be allowed to participate in the Lords Supper?
  4. Should children be allowed to participate in the Lords Supper?
  5. Does participating in the Lords supper make a person cleansed or more holy?
  6. Do you participate in the Lords Supper?

About Prayer

  1. Do you pray directly to God or do you go to a human mediator such as a priest?
  2. Do you read the prayers that others have written or do you make up your own prayer?
  3. Do you repeat the same prayer every time you pray?
  4. Can you get anything from God if you ask it, believe it, receive it, and tell someone about it?
  5. Does God hear the prayers of the non-Christian?
  6. How often do you pray?